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Foreign Students

The primary purpose of the enrollment of foreign students is to improve the student's knowledge of American culture and language.

J-1 Students

We will be accepting J-1 applications from pre-approved programs on Wednesday April 1, 2015 based upon the number of allocations we receive from the state.  Applications will be accepted at that time and the programs will be notified shortly thereafter if the student has been accepted.  No more than half of the allocations will be given to any one agency and no more than two students per agency will be accepted per school.   It is the goal to balance the number of students between all of the high schools in the district.   All of the required information must be complete at the time of the acceptance of the applications.  Only complete applications will be accepted at the WCSD District Office, Student Services Department.   Mailed or emailed applications will not be accepted for J-1 students.  

F-1 Students

Applications will be accepted for the upcoming school year for F-1 students who require an I-20 that is issued by the school district.  Any international student who would like to attend Washington County School District will need complete the forms listed below and turn them into Jan Prince at the District Office.  Individual schools cannot issue an I-20 to a student.  The deadline to apply for an I-20 is June 15 each year.

Tuition for an F-1 student is $7100.00 with a $100.00 application fee.  

Please do not contact the individual school principals for any foreign student to attend their schools. Approvals are only through the Student Services Department.  If you have any additional questions, contact Jan Prince 435-673-3353 x 5164


121 West Tabernacle
Saint George, Utah 84770
T: (435) 673-3553
F: (435) 652-4720

Director of Student Services
Karen Bess
435-673-3553 x 5164

Student Services Secretary
Jan Prince
435-673-3553 x 5164

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